Coding made easy for children using our unique Play Learn Code technique


At TechyTots we believe using play to establish the early steps of coding is a brilliant way to prepare children for their future.


Learn with unplugged play and the latest technical toys to gain a wide variety of skills; Including problem solving, sequencing and digital confidence.


Coding is a highly valued skill set and a lot of fun to do. TechyTots teaches children the foundational skills needed to begin this exciting journey.

Everybody should learn how to code a computer because it teaches you how to think.

Steve Jobs

About Techy Tots

TechyTots was first established in June 2017 and is one of the first classes in the uk to bring together technology and play to introduce children to coding. Our aim is to work on the first steps of coding with children at a young age to help prepare them for the technical world we now live in whilst making it fun. Simply put ‘Coding’ is a set of instructions for a computer or device. At TechyTots we encourage children to develop early coding skills by using robots and the most advanced ‘Techy’ toys available. We also use unplugged play and activities which encourage problem solving skills, critical thinking, sequencing, early maths skills and early programming, which are not only educational but lots of fun too!

My son absolutely loves TechyTots. This is his first experience of a school club and of learning about how technology can be used. He is so eager to get up on a monday morning!

We booked a TechyTots workshop for our EYFS and KS1 classes to give them an opportunity to explore a wide range of programmable robots. The staff and children came away excited and motivated by the experience.

What an absolutely fantastic class. My 3 year old son and I had a lovely time. Great resources, great session leaders! We are looking forward to the next installment! We would highly recommend this group.

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